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I'm not dead!

2014-08-10 17:51:27 by afletch7q

So I am working on new projects; one is nearing completion, so I may be posting it soon! Let's keep our fingers crossed!


2013-01-20 14:13:15 by afletch7q

So many projects. But all they do is sit around because I always want to make sure they're ABSOLUTELY PERFECT (at least, how I want[ed] them to sound) before I post them. So in the end, very little actually gets released. Yay.

Is It Really the "Best"?

2012-12-09 13:22:01 by afletch7q

Why does NG tell you that your best stuff is the stuff w/ the most views? That makes very little sense to me. Shouldn't it be based on ratings, instead?

Games, Games, Games

2012-12-03 02:14:44 by afletch7q

So I got recruited by a friend of a friend to compose music for some games he wants to make.

It's gonna be pretty awesome.

So yeah.

Something New!

2012-11-25 17:56:37 by afletch7q

First time in a while, huh? Check it out here: dated=1

By the way, my fine Canadian friend made me a new avy to use for stuff. It looks amazing, but I can't display it here because it isn't playing nice with newgrounds. Aw.

New loop! Yay!

2012-05-06 16:33:35 by afletch7q

I have a new loop up! If you read this, check it out!

In the making!

2011-12-25 13:16:16 by afletch7q

New song in the making! Even though most of you probably don't care!

Full Song!

2011-06-11 20:41:44 by afletch7q

Hey, everybody, I have a new song up! Check it out!

New Demo!

2011-06-11 17:55:20 by afletch7q

I have a new demo posted, imaginary readers! Check it out and tell me what you think!


2011-02-21 17:44:56 by afletch7q

My first song has been published, everyone (meaning: all you nonexistent readers)! I'm working on more as I speak! :D